Google: The Propagandist’s Best Friend

A disturbing article from The Guardian.

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search

In short: the search algorithms used by Google (and other search engines) are exploitable and are being exploited. Type in a few keywords and bam! Google sends you to the propagandists. Try it. Type “are Muslims” into the Google bar. You’ll get autosuggest. Pick the first one. A predigested, politically abhorrent world will be spoon-fed to you.

Some of it is banal. Google emphasizes American pop culture (as does Wikipedia, but that’s  a story for another day.) The world has become subservient to American commercial interests mainly by search engines looking out for the big guys.

But this is democracy. This is is freedom. This is global cooperation at stake.

Read the article. It says what I need you to hear.


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