Chronic Pain or, I’m a wimp

I haven’t written for quite a while. And the reason is simple: typing hurts.

I have no idea how I hurt my shoulder last month, but it hurts like hell. And of course as I try to compensate for the discomfort, I strain other tendons in my arm. Yes, the doctor confirms, I have given myself tennis elbow. And the shoulder? Wear and tear with age.

So I haven’t been typing because it hurts a lot. On the one hand, I can’t blame me. On the other, I’m a wimp.

Students often hurt just as bad or worse. Sure we make some allowances, and yes, they get to defer some assignments. But we still expect them to get themselves to class and to buck up and learn.

Yet other students have chronic illness. Physical or mental. I know that my shoulder pain will eventually go away; they have no such assurances. And yet they come to school, and learn what they can. And sometimes we get frustrated with them for not doing more.

We shouldn’t be such jerks.

Pain sucks. And for a significant number of people, it’s a feature of life. Every day. Forever. Some kids are heroic just by showing up every day.


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