First week back in the classroom

After 7 years in educational bureaucracy, I returned to the classroom last week. Always nice to see if theory and practice have anything in common.

After one week, I did notice a few things.

  1. I really like high school students. I’m dead serious. They come with energy and honesty. And despite what you might have heard elsewhere, they want to learn.
  2. Schools are loud places. After 7 years at a desk in a carpeted, air-conditioned office, this was a shock to my system. Yikes!
  3. Teaching is exhausting. I feel like an actor giving four back-to-back 80 minute one-man plays. I can hardly think when the day is done.
  4. My colleagues are positive, up-beat people.
  5. It only took 3 days for somebody to give me the first cold I’ve had for several years. Achoo. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

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