Another brief entry, as I head out the door for Day 2 of the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention.

A second highlight of day 1 was filmmaker Rob Stewart, best known for his 2007 documentary Sharkwater.

The film is about the appalling practice of finning sharks–fishermen would catch sharks, remove the fins that are sold for soup, and throw the rest of the still-alive but dying shark in the water. (There’s more to the story: this isn’t what the film started to be about, but it is how it ended up.)

The big deal of the presentation was the power of school children. Because of the film, classes of schoolchildren began lobbying governments to ban the practice. It is still going on, but it has been greatly reduced, mainly due to the political action inspired by this film (and a few other media) and led by youth.

I will write about my misgivings about classrooms and politics next week. But for now, enjoy the trailer and the following interview with Rob and the great George Stroumboulopoulos (affectionately known in Canada as Strombo).


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